Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our plans for Nick Jonas day.

On March 11, 2007, Nick Jonas officially announced at the Carnival For A Cure that he has diabetes (see video below). Obviously, we have to take part in Nick Jonas Day celebrations. How will we be celebrating it?

Becca: I fully intend on breaking out one of my Pacific Blue bedazzled omnipods (Nick's favorite color, duh!) and making a cake in the shape of an omnipod. While my cake is baking, I will frantically refresh my myspace until about 11PM when the boys decide to finally grace us with tour dates. Oh, and I'll celebrate Chelsie's birthday. That's my simple win.
Teresa: i might put on my omnipod. and test my blood sugar. and i'll eat sugar free foods. OH NICK J IS TOUR DATE DAY OMG YAY! YAYAYAY. oh and its chelsie's birthday .......... psh

nichole: i didn't even know there was a nick jonas day. god i'm such a bad fan. i plan on baking cookies and pancakes. and laughing over the fact he has to eat them in moderation.

jess- i think this is my color... anywho. i will be sporting my ALBL shirt at school. with my 75$ dog tag. along with my omnipod attached on my fourhead. forhead? forehead? i will also have NICK J IS OFF THE CHAIN written all over my body.

Anna-I will def be sporting my dog tag...that was from dog tags 4 diabetes and not the expensive one from the merch site...sorry. And refreshing everything a million times waiting for tour dates.

Mandy- i'm celebrating by hanging out with my friend. we might bake cookies. i'm a bad fan and didn't know tomorrow was deemed nick jonas day.
Savannah- Actually, I was planning to go see the 3-D movie again. But, for the sake of saving money to see them in concert and renew my team teenie account, I may not go. But I might. Hmph. Maybe I'll go sugarfree tomorrow.
Chelsie-I refuse to be a good fan and celebrate. I think I'm just going to base my day on sugar because that's how much I despise March 11 now. Thanks Nick Jonas for stealing my thunder on my birthday. He's definitely out to get me.
Kelly- Skip classes. Watch 3D movie. Eat lots of food. Think of ways to seduce Nick J and not go to jail.

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