Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joe's new hair

Becca - Cute. He looks younger. That's basically all I have to say.
Chelsie - hey cool, it leaves me speechless. all i have to say is. may i have yo babehs?
Kelly M- Joseph. Is. A. Win. So so so so hot. Lets have sex. Kthanks.
Gaby- uhm. Love it. reminds me of bobw hair which makes me happy. freaking swoon.
Anna- Um. I've missed his bangs for way too long. SO happy he finally decided to bring them back. I LOVE the natural look. Someone needs to break Joe's straightener. I feel like he needs to be out and about with his hair like this wearing glasses. ASAP!
Mandy- Love love love love love love his hair. 

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