Monday, March 9, 2009

Illegal Cowboy

Nicholas is an illegal cowboy.
At least for me, and several other girls.

That boy...good god. He makes anything look gorgeous.

Kevins outfit tonight at the rodeo was a win...till you get to his shoes.

Joe's was a win. That boy is hot.

And Nicholas. Good grief. That boy is going to kill me. All black..and a cowboy hat?? heart just stopped.

Please be 18 right now, kthanks.

I jacked these pics from Oceanup. They are sex

Anna-I am quite the chipper panda that Nicholas is 16 :) I love the hat!
Mandy- nicholas is going to be the reason i get sent to jail. no lie.
Savannah- I totally love Nick in the cowboy hat. Seriously. It makes me swoon to no end. My heart's desire is a man in a cowboy hat.
nichole: the black. omgz. faint. stop. grow up. kaythanks.

teresa: take off the hat nick, and we may have a deal. maybe. and he's
3 months, 27 days, or 17 weeks younger than me. i have no problem with that. and joe is always a win. pleaase eff me joe. thanks. kbye

Chelsie- Obviously, Nick was chilling with Milez. And stole Billy Rae's hat, because obviously he still loves miley. But he looks like a dumbass. really, nick serriously.

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