Monday, April 6, 2009

Jonas Sneak Peek

Anna-Um. I feel like I'll laugh more at this show than something that is actually funny simply because of how awful it is. Boys, I love you dearly, but please stick to singing. The website, on the other hand, is crazy fun! Fun Fact. I am most like Nick Lucas haha! Leave comments with who you got!
Alex- I think Kevin is such a bad actor. Probably the worst. But he's like, an adorable bad actor. Nick, on the other hand, is a bad actor who THINKS he's good. Haha, he takes it so seriously! Joe is just a hilarious bad actor. Love him <3

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kid's Choice Awards 2009.

High points? Low points? Share.

Becca - I haven't watched the Jonas performance yet. I heard my hormones may sky rocket. So I'll wait on that. Miley was fucking adorable. I started crying when she cried. I love her. Uhhhh. Their reaction to the award was cute. Their speech was nice until Kevin opened his damn mouth. Nick had the cockiest smirk on his face when he had to pause because of the screaming.
Kelly M- My poor mother is permently damaged after witnessing me and my friend watch it. We were say the least. Well, we were actually calm. Until that gorgeous illegal sex god Nick Jonas ripped off his jacket. Fuck me kthanks. The boys did awesome. I love them. SOS will never fail to make me happy. They were so cute when they won. Miley made me cry, I love her so much. Kevin sang alone at the end. I flew at the television because of my hormones. It was great. Basically. OH. And. Joe Jonas is a gift from god.
Chelsie- hey cool, i was watching them perform. the cable went out. so i had to watch it today for the first time, which is okay. i did get to see nick rip his shirt off! that was fun. uhm the highlight. was when they got slimed. cause uh, joe had a white shirt on that was perfecty seethroughable. new word? mhm. milez made me cry, because i cry when she cries. cause it's miley ( & giggle) OH and joe jonas GETINME. kthanks. oh and when will ferrel went down. that was entertaining. and when the kids knocked over the barricade. mauaha.
Mandy- Okay. I haven't been able to sit down and actually watch them, though I did catch some things. Um. I love Duwayne Johnson. And Will Ferrell. I thought Miley crying when she won was adorbs. I love Taylor Lautner. I loved the Jonas performance. When Nick took his jacket off, dear god. hahahaa. 

Joe's new hair

Becca - Cute. He looks younger. That's basically all I have to say.
Chelsie - hey cool, it leaves me speechless. all i have to say is. may i have yo babehs?
Kelly M- Joseph. Is. A. Win. So so so so hot. Lets have sex. Kthanks.
Gaby- uhm. Love it. reminds me of bobw hair which makes me happy. freaking swoon.
Anna- Um. I've missed his bangs for way too long. SO happy he finally decided to bring them back. I LOVE the natural look. Someone needs to break Joe's straightener. I feel like he needs to be out and about with his hair like this wearing glasses. ASAP!
Mandy- Love love love love love love his hair. 

Monday, March 16, 2009


Kelly M here.

Listen up.
There is this super cool new store that currently has some extremely awesome buttons for sale.
There will be new products added, but as of right now we only have buttons.
Check it out, you know you want to.
No one should attend a concert this summer without sporting one of our 'You've been crushed.' buttons or 'Bulldozer, brace for impact.'

Get it.
Love it.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selena's Dogumentary

Anna-This video made me cry. I love animals. It makes me happy that Selena and Jake and all the other people who donated did something to help. Poor cute wittle doggies :(

Becca - I seriously just got around to watching this. And I stopped myself from crying until the last part about the little puppy and them naming it Selena. This made me gain a lot of respect for her, and this was really sad to watch. I had no idea that those beaches existed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Summa '09 Tour!!!!

May 19 - Lima Peru
May 20 - Santigo, Chile
May 21 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 23 - Sao Paula, Brazil
May 24 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 20 - Cowboys New Stadium - Dallas, Texas
June 22 - BOK Center - Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 24 - Pepsi Center - Denver, Colorado
June 26 - Idaho Center - Nampa, Idaho
June 27 - Rose Garden Arena - Portland, Oregon
June 28 - Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, Washington
June 30 - General Motors Place - Vancouver
July 2 - Rexall Place - Edmonton
July 4 - Stadium of Fire - Provo, Utah
July 5 - MTS Center - Winnipeg
July 7 - Qwest Service - Omaha, Nebraska
July 8 - Target Center - Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 9 - Bradley Center - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 10 - Allstate Center - Rosemon, Illinois
July 13 - Verizon Center - Washington, DC
July 14 - Verizon Center - East Rutherford, New Jersey
July 17 - Banknorth Garden - Boston, Massachusetts
July 20 - Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, New York
July 24 - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 25 - Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 26 - Palace of Auburn Hills - Detroit, Michigan
July 28 - Scottrade Center - St. Louis, Missouri
Aug 1 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug 3 - HP Pavilion - San Jose, California
Aug 4 - ARCO Arena - Sacramento, California
Aug 5 - SaveMart Center - Fresno, California
Aug 7 - Staples Center - Los Angeles, California
Aug 11 - Center - Pheonix, Arizona
Aug 13 - AT&T Center - San Antonio, Texas
Aug 14 - Toyota Center - Houston, Texas
Aug 15 - New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 16 - BJCC - Birmingham, Alabama
Aug 18 - St. Pete Times Forum - Tampa, Florida
Aug 19 - Bank Atlantic Center - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Aug 21 - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial - Jacksonville, Florida
Aug 22 - Phillips Arena - Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 23 - Rupp Arena - Lexington, Kentucky
Aug 25 - Sommet Center - Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 26 - Nationwide Arena - Columbus, Ohio
Aug 27 - Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 29 - Bell Center - Montreal
Aug 30 - Rogers Center - Toronto
Aug 31 - Scotiabank Place - Ottowa

Team Jonas members can buy tickets starting March 16.
General Public beginning March 20 at

Mandy - I'm personally happy with the dates and you'll be able to find me at the Birmingham, AL; Jacksonville, FL; and Atlanta, GA shows. :D
Anna-I'm kinda sad that they aren't coming as close to me as usual, but if I'm going to drive for anybody, it's them. I'll probably go to the Atlanta show. I'm not sure about any others. I'll have to talk to my mommy :). p.s. the 'Everyone's allergic to poison ivyyy' part of the world tour video. yeah it's in my head and I keep listening to it. I might actually end up liking this song...
EDIT: They added a Charlotte, NC date. So that's the show I'm going to. :)
Chelsie- So, I hate Indiana, nobody likes it either. According to Jonas, obviously. So now because of them I have to go to places like 4 hours away. Why am I a fan? I'm a good fan, that's right. FOUR HOURS. Assholes. So I'm looking at going to Detroit, Rosemont, POSSIBLY Lexington. But Lexington will take some bribery/tears. Go me.
teresa: fuck them for like. not coming to jersey at all (well, once). and personally, livenation and ticketmaster can kiss my ass. and um i will be at
izod center nj, nassau ny, and maybe boston. and maybe a pa date. and possibly cleveland! i might need to sell myself first though.......
Becca: I fully intend on Detroit. And Columbus. That's pretty much it.
Kelly: Shows I plan on attending. Good god. The following: Dallas. Minneapolis. Boston. Detroit. Birmingham. Lexington. Nashville. Columbus. Cleveland. Then maybe a Flordia show. Milwaukee. And a Canda show.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our plans for Nick Jonas day.

On March 11, 2007, Nick Jonas officially announced at the Carnival For A Cure that he has diabetes (see video below). Obviously, we have to take part in Nick Jonas Day celebrations. How will we be celebrating it?

Becca: I fully intend on breaking out one of my Pacific Blue bedazzled omnipods (Nick's favorite color, duh!) and making a cake in the shape of an omnipod. While my cake is baking, I will frantically refresh my myspace until about 11PM when the boys decide to finally grace us with tour dates. Oh, and I'll celebrate Chelsie's birthday. That's my simple win.
Teresa: i might put on my omnipod. and test my blood sugar. and i'll eat sugar free foods. OH NICK J IS TOUR DATE DAY OMG YAY! YAYAYAY. oh and its chelsie's birthday .......... psh

nichole: i didn't even know there was a nick jonas day. god i'm such a bad fan. i plan on baking cookies and pancakes. and laughing over the fact he has to eat them in moderation.

jess- i think this is my color... anywho. i will be sporting my ALBL shirt at school. with my 75$ dog tag. along with my omnipod attached on my fourhead. forhead? forehead? i will also have NICK J IS OFF THE CHAIN written all over my body.

Anna-I will def be sporting my dog tag...that was from dog tags 4 diabetes and not the expensive one from the merch site...sorry. And refreshing everything a million times waiting for tour dates.

Mandy- i'm celebrating by hanging out with my friend. we might bake cookies. i'm a bad fan and didn't know tomorrow was deemed nick jonas day.
Savannah- Actually, I was planning to go see the 3-D movie again. But, for the sake of saving money to see them in concert and renew my team teenie account, I may not go. But I might. Hmph. Maybe I'll go sugarfree tomorrow.
Chelsie-I refuse to be a good fan and celebrate. I think I'm just going to base my day on sugar because that's how much I despise March 11 now. Thanks Nick Jonas for stealing my thunder on my birthday. He's definitely out to get me.
Kelly- Skip classes. Watch 3D movie. Eat lots of food. Think of ways to seduce Nick J and not go to jail.