Monday, March 9, 2009

Kids Choice Awards Predictions


Reality Show:
American Idol
America's Next Top Model
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
Deal or No Deal

TV Actor:
Cole Sprouse
Dylan Sprouse
Jason Lee
Nat Wolf

Phineas and Ferb
Spongebob Squarepants
The FairlyOddparents
The Simpsons

Female Athlete:
Candace Parker
Danica Patrick
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book
Harry Potter Series
Twilight Series

Bedtime Stories
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Iron Man
The Dark Knight

Movie Actor:
Adam Sandler
George Lopez
Jim Carrey
Will Smith

Movie Actress:
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Aniston
Reese Witherspoon
Vanessa Hudgens

Animated Movie:
Kung Fu Panda
Madagascar 2

Voice from an Animated Movie:

Ben Stiller
Jack Black
Jim Carrey
Miley Cyrus

Male Singer:
Chris Brown
Jesse McCartney
Kid Rock

Female Singer:
Alicia Keys
Miley Cyrus

Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna
I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown/T Pain
Single Ladies - Beyonce

TV Show:
Hannah Montana
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Zoey 101

Music Group:
Linkin Park
Pussycat Dolls
Jonas Brothers

TV Actress:
America Ferrera
Miley Cyrus
Miranda Cosgrove
Selena Gomez

Male Athlete:
Lebron James
Michael Phelps
Peyton Manning
Tiger Woods

Video Game:
Guitar Hero World Tour
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Super Sluggers
Rock Band 2

Our Predictions

Reality Show-American Idol for sure. I'm addicted to that show. (Adam and Allison ftw)
TV Actor-Dylan or Cole. i dunno.
Cartoon-The Simpsons! The others get on my nerves.
Female Athlete-umm. i don't really watch sports so. i dont care really.
Book-TWILIGHT! duh
Movie-HSM 3.
Movie Actor-Um. I adore them all!! but I'm going with Will Smith.
Movie Actress-Once again. I adore them all!! But Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress ever. Anne Hathaway is a close second.
Animated Movie - Wall-e
Animated Voice-Miley i guess? i dont really care who wins this one
Male Singer - Jesse McCartney!
Female Singer - Miley (I feel like TSwift should be nominated for this one)
Song-I kissed a girl. Not only because I adore Katy Perry, but I would just be amused if that song won a KCA
TV Show- I would love iCarly to win. but i'm sure it will be hannah.
Music Group- um. Jonas...obviously.
TV Actress- Like I said in another post, Selena deserves this one.
Male Athlete-Phelps!!!!!
Video Game- Rock band

reality show: antm. i love tyra. she's fierce.
actor: jason lee. or. one of the twins. that would be fun to watch them get into a fight. rememebr when mk & a were nominated. weird.
cartoon: simpsonsss.
female athlete: danicaaaaa.
book: twilight. seriously. is this even a question. omgz. is robert going to be there!? SWOON.
movie: hsm3. because that's the only one i saw. i fail.
movie actor. george lopez. he's effing hysterical.
movie actress: anne hathaway. she's amazing.
animated movie: WALL-E. i cried. no lie.
voice from an animated movie: milez. just because. i adore her.
male singer: jmac. no competition.
female singer. milez. again.
song: personally i don't really love any of those. so it doesn't matter to me. atall.
tv show: hannahhhh. why is zoey 101 nominated. that ended last year.
music group: .......jonas.
tv actress. america. but. ugly betty isn't a 'kids' show. so milerz.
male athlete: PEYTON MANNING. we're in love.
video game. rock band. because i rock. i rock on.

Becca: To be frank, I don't give a hoot who wins, as long as it isn't Chris Brown. I would not be ok with that at all. Also, Jonas FTW. And Miley. Duh. Niley reunion would be great. Perhaps Miley will be saying her thank yous, Nick will storm onto the stage after Miley says "I'd love to say thank you to my Prince Charming," kiss the hell out of her, and the crowd will erupt in tears of happiness.

kelly o:
reality show: american idol!
actor: one of the twins -- just so there can be a rumble on stage. with slime, obvz.
cartoon: simpsons.
female athlete: danica. fun fact i can't stand the williams sisters.
book: well it'll obviously be twilight. i never finished the first book. i'm still a harry potter girrrl.
movie: hsm3. the best of the hsm's. it rocked, it rocked on. we need kenny for cr2.
movie actor. will smith<3>
movie actress: anne hathaway. she's the most amazing person ever.
animated movie: WALL-E!!
voice from an animated movie: miley. cause. she's miley.
male singer: jesse. he's mah boy.
female singer. milez.
song: all those songs got pretty old for me, but i'll go with i kissed a girl. i'd love for it to win a kca. giggles.
tv show: hannahhhh!
music group: OMPUSSY! just kidding. jonasjonasjonas.
tv actress. i betcha it'll be mileyyy. i love america though.
male athlete: peyton! he. is. the. best. hands down.
video game: rock band. i rock that game.

Chelsie-So, I went through all of those questions. and my answers disappeared. i'm blaming kelly o, or you know. It might have been David Henrie, he manages to do things like that. Anyways, basically Miley will win all. Because, she's effing Miley Cyrus. I want Jonas to win, sigh. I try to be a good fan. Really. But it'd be hilarious if PSD one, because the boys would probably get turned on or something. WAIT NO. they're pure. As agreed with Becca, I will punch a soft thing if Chris Brown wins anything, sorry i'm against it. And uhm, yes I also want a Niley Reunion. Yes the 'r' is capitalized, that's an important day. Well, when that happens it'll be important. So basically, i think this is it. okay peace!

Savannah- I don't want to go through and type all these. Male actor, bad choices. Dylan. Win. Uhm. Twilight will probably win an undeserved award over Harry Potter. Even though it shouldn't. Music Group? Jonas. All the way. And. JMAC better win. Along with the song "Single Ladies". That's about all i got. :]

Mandy- (this thing keeps double spacing on me, so to save room, i'm putting them all together. sorry if it's hard to read.) Reality show: antm; tv actor: either of the sprouse twins :D; cartoon: phineas and ferb or spongebob; female athlete: danica; book: twilight series; movie: hsm3 or the dark knight; movie actor: will smith; movie actress: anne hathaway; animated movie voice: miley; male singer: jmac (i will be super pissed of chris brown wins. i don't believe he should still be nominated for this); female singer: miley; song: i kissed a girl; tv show: hannah montana; music group: jonas; tv actress: selena gomez; male athlete: michael phelps; video game: guitar hero world tour

Jess- i can honestly say i don't care about anyone who is nominated. jonas will win. chris brown deserves to win. ya. awful what he did. but you know what. rihanna got over it, clearly seeing how shes recording a fucking CD with him. the guy is talented.

Kelly- reality show: antm. no duh. tv actor: either sprouse. cartoon: fairly oddparents 4lyfe. female athlete: danica. because nichole honer said so. book:....seriously. not even a choice. twilight. movie: dark knight. movie these guys. but they are the only choices?! um. what? movie actress: hathaway. duh. animated movie: wall-e. voice from animated movie: miley. duh. male singer: anyone but chris brown. female singer: milerz. song: i kissed a girl. tv show: hannah montana. music group: JON@$ BUDD3R$!!1!!1!11!! tv actress: milerz. male athelete: michael the pot head phelps. video game: all of the above.

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