Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kid's Choice Awards 2009.

High points? Low points? Share.

Becca - I haven't watched the Jonas performance yet. I heard my hormones may sky rocket. So I'll wait on that. Miley was fucking adorable. I started crying when she cried. I love her. Uhhhh. Their reaction to the award was cute. Their speech was nice until Kevin opened his damn mouth. Nick had the cockiest smirk on his face when he had to pause because of the screaming.
Kelly M- My poor mother is permently damaged after witnessing me and my friend watch it. We were say the least. Well, we were actually calm. Until that gorgeous illegal sex god Nick Jonas ripped off his jacket. Fuck me kthanks. The boys did awesome. I love them. SOS will never fail to make me happy. They were so cute when they won. Miley made me cry, I love her so much. Kevin sang alone at the end. I flew at the television because of my hormones. It was great. Basically. OH. And. Joe Jonas is a gift from god.
Chelsie- hey cool, i was watching them perform. the cable went out. so i had to watch it today for the first time, which is okay. i did get to see nick rip his shirt off! that was fun. uhm the highlight. was when they got slimed. cause uh, joe had a white shirt on that was perfecty seethroughable. new word? mhm. milez made me cry, because i cry when she cries. cause it's miley ( & giggle) OH and joe jonas GETINME. kthanks. oh and when will ferrel went down. that was entertaining. and when the kids knocked over the barricade. mauaha.
Mandy- Okay. I haven't been able to sit down and actually watch them, though I did catch some things. Um. I love Duwayne Johnson. And Will Ferrell. I thought Miley crying when she won was adorbs. I love Taylor Lautner. I loved the Jonas performance. When Nick took his jacket off, dear god. hahahaa. 

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