Monday, March 9, 2009

Miley's excited about fans her age

Stephanie: I love Miley's tired, hot mess look. Her scraggily hair works for her. Is she on a regular plane? Or a jet? I think the woman behind her MAY be wearing a Southwest wings pin. Anyways, I wish I could've seen her on this tour. I want to meet her. I have yet to buy the book. Hell, she should be happy to know that she has a 19 year old fan. I am just too cool. More 19 + year olds should like Miley. What's not to like? (HA HA that's the name of a song on the HM movie soundtrack!!) Rock on, girl.

Anna-Since when are fans not her age? I knew she had little fans too, but I thought older fans came out to stuff like that before...guess not haha. I love that she keeps talking about the KCA's hinting to vote for her without saying to vote. I love Miley, but I'm rooting for Selena for tv actress....even though we all know Miley will win. Selena is the better actress...i think.
Becca: I actually just love Miley in general. She looks gorgeous when she doesn't even try (uh, I clearly just found the inspiration to Lovebug).
Chelsie-Miley is my hero, seriously. I do admire her. I don't care how dumb that is to people, get over it. And whoa Anna, you love Miley?! That's exciting. And I also love that she looks all wonderful and is like, not even attempting it. Lucky bitch, (that i want to be) I'm a creep. Whatever.

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