Tuesday, March 10, 2009

John (the Maine) apologizes to Jonas

From Myspace: right after i said 'f*** them' i said 'i'm just kidding, i've never met them.' they are successful.

and i don't know them. they play to arenas. we play in small clubs. but i wouldn't change a thing in the world. it was a joke. i've got nothing but love in this skinny frame. hope all is well.

(The video has been deleted or we would post it here)

Anna-Don't apologize! You know he wouldn't have if teenies didn't attack. I mean, I thought it was pretty obvious he wasn't serious....and if he was so what? Not everyone has to love them.

Jess- what a fucking pussy. i bet a certain jonas went and cried to his managment saying people were being mean.
Becca: You know what. The Jonas boys need a good kick in the ass every once in a while. John should not have apologized. Maybe their fans got pissed because they like Jonas too. Possible.

nichole: I'm pissed at him. why why whyy would he apologize. he did nothing wrong.

Mandy- what the hell did he do wrong?! it's a free country. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
Savannah- I don't think he did anything wrong. But I think it was right to apologize, because it's not like he does know them, maybe it was just jealousy because of the fact that the Jonas' have more fame. I mean, I love the Maine. But, when someone's wrong, he should admit it.
Kelly- djfkajsdfkldsaj why apologize. best thing i've heard...ever. i love john oh. i love the jonas brothers. but that was fucking hysterical. don't be a pussy.

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