Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun fact. Everyone's Allergic to Poison Ivy.

According to the Jonas Brothers at least.

Anna-Here's to hoping this is a youtube joke or something and not a real song...I love you boys but...what?! Maybe it will make more sense when we hear the entire thing.
Mandy- Oh dear. They're tripping with this "song". Who knows. Maybe it's their next hit.
Kelly- I will stop being a fan. I'm not even kidding. I get mocked as it is. What am I supposed to say to this?...I love it? No boys. Stop it. You aren't funny. btw this is totes my new text tone thanks to Kelly O. giggle.

Kelly O - New favorite song. New text tone. THIS IS A WIN.
Savannah- Actually, Jonas. I'm not allergic to poison ivy. Once, my sister and I were together, and we walked through it, not knowing it was poison ivy. She got it, I didn't. I'm not allergic. Ownedd. Wow Mom.

nichole: i'm really really hoping this is a joke. some cruel sick joke.
Becca: I, like Savannah, am not allergic to poison ivy. I made this very clear to them in a strongly-worded MySpace comment. I hope Nick cried. Actually, I'm excited to see where they take this song. Who the fuck can write a song about poison ivy? Nick can.

Teresa: I might be allergic to poison ivy. no joke.

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